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Student 校园电子邮件


Forgot Your Password? To reset your password go to aggiereset.澳门壹号游戏

Cameron enforces a 120-day password expiration policy for students.  Passwords that have not been modified within 120 days will expire on that date.  Reset your password now with 农科大学生重置.


Employee 校园电子邮件


Accessing 电子邮件 on Mobile Devices:



What is my email address? Typically your email address is going to be Firstname.Lastname@澳门壹号游戏  然而, sometimes students have the same name and that address is already taken.  Subsequent email addresses have digital added to them in order to have different email addresses.  的re are two places that you can see if your address has a digit at the end.

AggieAccess Click on the My Info Tab Click on "Update 电子邮件 Addresses" under the My Personal Info channel. Your email address will be listed under CU Student email.

Gmail Click on the gear icon at the top right and choose Mail Settings. Click on the Accounts tab. You should see your full name reply-to address set as the default.

Why do I see my initials+ID@澳门壹号游戏| Your gmail account is set up so that you can login with the same account information that you login to AggieAccess and campus computers.  Your initials+ID is actually the account name.  然而, since that's not what you would want other people to see or send your email to, we have an alias set up that uses your full name email address and we set that as the default reply-to address when your account is created.

How do I forward my campus email to another email address? Step 1: Login to your Cameron account Sign in using the login and password that you also use to login to the computers on campus and AggieAccess.

用户名 for ALL of your accounts is comprised of the 头一个字母 of your first name, 头一个字母 of the last name, and 最后六个 digits of student ID Number.


Name:                John S. 计算

Student ID#:       000123456

用户名: jc123456

To create your initial password go to aggiereset.澳门壹号游戏 and click on “Reset Password.”

You will be asked to verify your identity via the three security questions that you provided on the admissions application form, or with the code that will be sent to the cell phone number you provided on the admissions application form.

重要的是: 的 password you create for this account expires every 120 days. You will receive a notification in your 学生的电子邮件 account 12 days prior to your password expiration date to give you ample time to change it.

Once you create your initial password, you are able to access AggieAccess, 学生的电子邮件, 中大电脑室, 等.

Step 2:  Access your email settings At the top right of the email screen, click on the options gear icon and choose "Mail Settings".

Step 3:  Access the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" in the settings menu at the top.  的n click on the "Add a forwarding address" button.

请注意: If you choose to re-direct/forward your email to another address you may do so at your own risk. 的 University will not be held responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors. You remain responsible for reviewing and responding to official University communication sent to the @澳门壹号游戏app.edu帐户. Having email re-directed/forwarded does NOT absolve you (the student) from the responsibility associated with receiving official communication by email.